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Sup, retard

I'm Porky and welcome to my shitshow. I guess I have to say a little about myself so I'm that guy. I use minmalist linux, I mow with a scythe, and I take up a ton of small projects and go nowhere with them. I don't know if that third one is fitting for a "that guy" type but I can't currently think of anything else and it's not wrong. I have an entire page of this website dedicated to it.

Speaking of this website, I feel like I should explain what the purpose of it is. It's just a place for me to tinker with HTML and track the other random projects I come up with. I've had people ask me if I had something like this and I didn't when they asked but I do now! I've also got a place to put any recipes that interest me or that I make myself and one of these days I'll get that meme page going. If there's anything you want to see or maybe you just think I'm an asshole and I should off myself, let me know.

Never Fuck.


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