09 JAN 22

The base of the website is about 95% done now. I'll add a short thing about me on the home page and I still gotta get the meme page going. Final step will be an RSS feed for the blog and maybe these updates.

Fonts are set to default to DejaVu family (of course), then Lucida family, then the default html fonts. I'm not sold on the colors just yet but they don't make me want to die so it's what we got.

Beyond that, I'm generally content with where this is at right now. I might at some point overhaul the layout or make it fancier but I wanted to start with something that's simple and works. The rest will come later if I'm feeling adventurous. I guess it's time to go ahead and dive into that meme page...

02 JAN 22

I got the website actually going today. At the moment, there is a homepage with a nav bar, a blog with my first post, and a projects page with projects that you can see more information on. You're currently at that last one. Hello! If you haven't read my blog post "New Year New Website" yet, I encourage you do so if you would like to know the purpose of this website and my goals for this domain.

I plan on adding more to the homepage. Depending on the amount of work, I'd like to add a searx search bar, a recent blog post feed, a recently updated projects feed, and probably a little section about me for the sake of formality.

Fonts as a whole still need work. I'm still using the default font for the entire website but I should be able to get that fixed probably tomorrow or whenever I work on this again.