New Year New Website

At long last, this website is finally something. I've only had the domain since September and I've just been sitting on it. There have been many trials and tribulations, the server underwent 4 OS changes only end up back on Debian, and I spent a week trying to figure out why certbot couldn't certify If you bother to look at the name of the url, you will see that I never figured that out and instead just opted for the simple searx domain.

Now I know you're wondering why I'm doing all this in the first place. Well it's mainly for myself. Writing the pages of the website have helped a ton with html and I like hosting my own searx instance. As of writing, the projects page is blank, but when that's made and finalized, I hope it exists as a tracker so I can know what all I'm working on and my progress on those things and you, oh valiant reader who cares to read my stream of consciousness, can also follow along and see me rant about something that's supposed to "just work" not working.

Other pages are mainly there for me to tinker with. I'll probably put fitness resources and recipes on the Fitness page and I really don't expect anyone to ever give me money for my antics but I can figure out what having a crypto donation boi is all about. The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is the meme page, of course. Ideally, it will read from a directory and infiniscroll all the memes that I think are cool enough to put somewhere on the internet.

Of course I will also be using this server to self-host more things. At the moment, I'm looking at searx (done already), HedgeDoc, XMPP, and maybe git if I deem it worthwhile. I've already done Matrix in the past and it wasn't very fun so I have no intentions on doing that again.

I think that's all I have to say about this. If I come up with other things to throw onto the website, I of course will. I might include vidgemo games or scything or maybe anything else that I do that doesn't have very easily accessible documentation. But anyway, Never Fuck.